Kunjarani A Pride Of Manipur Class 6 Modern English Solution

Chapter Name: Kunjarani- A Pride Of Manipur

Subject: Modern English

Class: 6

Board: Board Of Secondary Education Manipur (BOSEM)

Contents: Chapter Summary, Questions and Answers, Vocabulary & Grammar.

Kunjarani a pride of manipur class 6 modern english

    Kunjarani- A Pride Of Manipur: Summary

    Nameirakpam Kunjarani Devi is a world figure in weightlifting. She had a humble upbringing. Her indomitable spirit guided her through all the barriers and became one of the greatest weightlifters of all time ranked by the World Weightlifting Federation. She is a glaring example of the fact that poverty is no bar to fame. Winning many titles consistently over the years, she has shown the world how brave and hardworking Manipuri women are. She is indeed the pride of Manipur.


    Answer the following questions in a sentence each.

    Q1. How is Kunjarani Known to her friends?

    Ans: Kunjarani is known to her friends as Kunju.

    Q2. How many medals did Kunjarani win in the World Weightlifting Championship of 1989?

    Ans: Kunjarani won three silver medals in the world weightlifting championship of 1989.

    Q3. When did Kunjarani win two gold medals?

    Ans: Kunjarani won two gold medals in the 1995 Asian Meet at Pusan, Korea.

    Q4. What is the total number of medals Kunjarani has won so far?

    Ans: Kunjarani has won more than 45 medals so far.

    Q5. What is the ranking of Kunjarani in the world in 1993?

    Ans: Kunjarani was ranked 6th in the world in 1993.

    Answer the following questions in about 20-25 words each

    Q1. What are the names given to Manipur by other people of the world?

    Ans: Some people who visited Manipur called her ‘Paradise on earth’, and the Japanese called her a flower on lofty heights’.

    Q2. How did Kunjarani prove that poverty is no bar to fame?

    Ans: Despite having been brought up in a poor family, she became a world figure in weightlifting only through hard work and an indomitable spirit. Thus, she proved that poverty is no bar to fame.

    Q3. Give the names of some other famous sportswomen of Manipur associated with other games.

    Ans: Some famous sportswomen of Manipur are Mary Kom of boxing, Surjalata, Tingong Leima, Sushila Chanu Pukhrambam of Hockey, and Bombayla Devi Laishram of Archery.

    Answer the following questions in about 50-60 words.

    Q1. How was Manipur known to the world in the past? 

    Ans: In the past, Manipur was known to the world for her colorful dances and the beautiful brow-antlered deer, the Sangai. Many people called her a paradise on earth 'or' a flower on lofty heights'. But they hadn't known about the capabilities of Manipuri people until the sports personalities, hailing from Manipur, showed heroic performances and great achievements to the world consistently.

    Q2. How has the name of Manipur spread in the recent past? 

    Ans:  In the recent past, the name of Manipur spread throughout the world. This is because the consistent performances and achievements of sports personalities hailing from Manipur have kept their name in the news of the world. Women of Manipur are also playing a great role. One of them is Kunjarani Devi who has won many titles over the years.

    Q3. Why do Manipuri women occupy the pride of place in society?

    Ans: The role of Manipuri Women has been distinctly fundamental in both the family and the society. They are brave and hardworking. This has also been proved by the achievements of Kunjarani Devi. Today, the whole world has known the true essence of Manipur women. So, they occupy the pride of place in society.

    Q4. What is the achievement of Kunjarani in the Asian Championships?

    Ans: Kunjarani won a bronze medal in the Beijing Asiad of 1990 which was India's first medal. Then, she won two gold medals in the 1995 Asian Meet at Pusan, Korea. In the 10th Asian Weightlifting Meet of 1997 at Yangzhou in China, she won a silver medal again. From Asian Meets, she collected two gold, 10 silver, and four bronze medals.

    Q5. Describe the performance of Kunjarani in the World Championships. 

    Ans: In 1989 Kunjarani participated in the World Championship at Manchester. There were strong contenders from the USA, Germany, China, and many other countries but she was able to win three silver medals. Again she made an outstanding performance in the world championship of 1991 in Germany and won three silver medals. Her consistent achievements over the years are indeed admirable.

    Write true or false for the following statements

    1. Kunjarani won 45 medals in the Olympics (False)

    2. In the World Championship in Germany, Kunjarani won 3 silver Medals (True)

    3. In the Manchester World Championship, no Indian won a medal (False)


    1. Join the following sentences into one:

    a) Manipuri women have been brave and hard-working.

    b) But the world has not seen their ability.

    Ans: Although the Manpuri women have been brave and hard-working, the world has not seen their ability.

    2. Make Sentences using the following words:

    • Colorful
    • Recent past
    • Pride of Place
    • Hardworking
    • Leading Light
    • Come into prominence
    • Upbringing
    • Powerhouse
    1. She likes colorful dresses.
    2. We traveled a lot in the recent past
    3. Women deserve a pride of place in the society
    4. Manipuri people are hardworking
    5. Kunjarani Devi is a leading light in the field of sports
    6. She has come into prominence only recently
    7. One's upbringing shapes one's whole life
    8. Manipur is called the powerhouse of sports in India.

    3. The adjective form of Asia is "Asian". Give the adjective form of the following and pronounce them:

    • India
    • Japan
    • Poland
    • China
    • Korea
    • Scotland
    • Indian
    • Japanese
    • Polish
    • Chinese
    • Korean
    • Scottish

    4. Rewrite the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs given in the bracket.

    1. Manipur is bounded by ranges of hills (bound).
    2. Kunjarani was known to her friends as Kunju (know)
    3. The world has not seen the best of Manipur (see)
    4. Kunjarani has been called a rough diamond (call)
    5. The four walls of the family cannot keep the Manipuri women at home (keep)
    5. Change the following sentences into passive forms.

    a)  The Japanese called Manipur " a flower on lofty heights".
    Ans; Manipur was called "a flower on lofty heights" by the Japanese.

    b) The world has not seen their ability so far
    Ans: Their ability has not been seen so far by the word.

    c) Mary Kom conquered the world of boxing in her category.
    Ans: The world of boxing was conquered by Mary Kom in her category.

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