Class 6 Modern English Solutions All Chapters BOSEM

The Modern English for class 6 prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education Manipur contains 20 chapters including 5 poems by many renowned poets.

Class 6 Modern English Solutions

Class 6 Modern English solutions All chapters

The Class 6 Modern English Solutions covers each chapter's questions and answers, notes, and summaries. You can access all the solutions here.

Chapter Name
1 Cradle Song (Poem)
2 Family And Home
3 Lachit Barphukan
4 Ran Gaidinliu
5 December 12th (Poem)
6 Manipur and its Resources
7 Kunjarani A Pride Of Manipur
8 The Earth’s Envoy
9 The Way A Person Grows
10 Greatness Goes with Simplicity and Humanity
11 Dignity Grows Out Of Work
12 Freedom (Poem)
13 Dinosaurs
14 Pasteur And The Microbes
15 King Solomon The Wise
16 In Quest Of The Lost Spear
17 Struggle For Education
18 Protection (Poem)
19 Animals Stories
20 It’s Because (Poem)

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